Whatever you are a beginner or expert always it is a tough decision to choose the best theme and then the right plugin for your affiliate website or blog which makes your website so attractive and it also provides functionality that your contents look professional and well organized so you convert more and more your readers into buyers and boost your sales and income.

If you are searching for any theme for your website which makes your work so easier without installing any extra plugin so Topreviewguru brings you a new and best-selling theme – Affiliate Booster theme with Affiliate Booster theme review [Full Buying Guide and Specification].

Affiliate Booster theme is the best powerful WordPress theme for affiliates marketing because this theme is Schema Optimized, SEO Optimized, Ultra-Fast Page Loading Speed, Easy Customization on an individual page, Advanced Typography and Color control directly on customizer, 100% mobile Responsive, Elementor and Woozone compatible and the main feature of this theme is it comes with Affiliate Booster Conversion Block plugin which is 100% Gutenberg compatible and makes your work so easier.

Affiliate Booster Theme Review- #1 Best Powerful WordPress Theme for Affiliates

This question must arise in the mind of every blogger as to why it is the best affiliate theme and what features make it different from other themes

So I am going to show you how it is different from other themes-

#1 Change the Logo Size at Just One Click

Go to Appearance>> Customize>>Site Identity

affiliate booster change the logo size at just one click

This theme gives the functionality to directly change the width and height of the logo just at one click often this feature is not seen even in big themes. 

#2 Six Header Layout Design

Go to Appearance>> Customize>> Affiliate Booster Theme Panel>>Layouts>>Header Layouts

Theme comes with six header layout design, you can make your website header beautiful with own way.

affiliate booster six header layout design
  1. Simple Header Right Menu
  2. Simple Header Left Menu
  3. Center Logo Above Menu Left
  4. Center Logo Above Menu Center
  5. Header 1 with Banner Image
  6. Header 2 with Banner Image

It also prove the functionality to change the header background color and background image.

#3 Twelve Homepage and Archive Layout

Go to Appearance>> Customize>> Affiliate Booster Theme Panel>>Layouts>>Homepage Layout

Affiliate Booster theme provides 12 different layouts to set your homepage and archive page, which makes your website more attractive and stunning.

affiliate booster twelve homepage and archive layout
  1. Big Featured Image – Left Sidebar
  2. Big Featured Image – Right Sidebar
  3. Wide Featured Image – Right Sidebar
  4. Wide Featured Image – Left Sidebar
  5. Simple Layout – Left Sidebar
  6. Simple Layout – Right Sidebar
  7. Full-Width Layout (No Sidebar)
  8. Grid Layout – Right Sidebar
  9. Grid Layout – Left Sidebar
  10. Big Featured Image with Grid Layout – Left Sidebar
  11. Big Featured Image with Grid Layout – Right Sidebar
  12. Full-Width 3 Grids

#4 Stunning Single Post Layout

Go to Appearance>> Customize>> Affiliate Booster Theme Panel>>Layouts>>Single post Layout

This Single Post Layout makes your content more professionals, user engaged, and ingredients. The best thing is that these single post layout not for all post. For ex- If in your blog have 10 posts so then can be made of 10 different-different layouts.

affiliate booster single page layout
  1. Featured Image Below Post Title
  2. Featured Image Above Post Title
  3. Post Title Inside Container
  4. Post Title Outside Container
  5. Single Post with Right Sidebar ,Left Sidebar and No Sidebar

#5 Advanced Typography in Customizer

Go to Appearance>> Customize>> Affiliate Booster Theme Panel>> Global Option>> Advanced Typography

and here you can set text color, text size, letter spacing, font, variant, and text alignment of paragraph, links, and H1 to H6 tags which are applicable for all posts and pages.

affiliate booster advanced typography
affiliate booster advanced typography

#6 More Banner for Advertisement

Go to Appearance>> Customize>> Widgets

This theme comes with four footer columns along with five advertising areas which boost your income very fast.

affiliate booster more banner area for advertiging

#7 Custom Scripts

Probably it has been seen that for adding any custom script we go to in theme editor area and sometimes we put the code in the wrong place.

But this theme comes with a powerful custom script area right below in every single post and page. Put your custom code here and it makes your work so easy.

affiliate booster custom script

Affiliate Booster Plugin: Best Plugin for Affiliates

Affiliate Booster theme is specially designed for affiliates so it has come with a great and free plugin named is Affiliate Booster Plugin.

Affiliate Booster Plugin is 100% Gutenberg compatible, it comes with 15 conversing blocks which saves your lots of time and money. Because this plugin has all features like table of contents, CTA button, pros and cons block, good and bad features, notice block, editor choice, star rating, price listing, and many more at just one click.

Generally, every blogger paid money for these features and installed four to five plugin that decreases your website loading speed so Affiliate Booster Plugin is made for all problems(One plugin all features).

These features makes it so worthy and makes this theme and plugin so powerful.

How to Install Affiliate Booster Plugin

So the first time you will have to purchase it because it integrated with an Affiliate booster theme and after that, you can use it any other theme. It supports every other WordPress theme and one thing to note is that it not support WordPress classic editor only compatible in the WordPress Gutenberg block(editor).

After installing it you can find here

powerful wordPress theme for affiliates - affiliate booster plugin(one plugin all features)

#1 Dyanamic Block

In dynamic block you can add other blocks and make anything in own style.



Very Easy to Design This Type of Block



Very Easy to Design This Type of Block



Very Easy to Design This Type of Block

#2 Pros and Cons Block

Easy to show properties of any item and here you can change the title size, text, color, icon of this block.


  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item


  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item

#3 Comparison Table Block

Compare products with full specification, images, price, top rating, star rating, and also change the color, text, size of any column.

output onlinejpgtools min9.5

Topreviewguru Best Picked

  • Best Review Website
  • Best Review Website
output onlinejpgtools min10

Topreviewguru Top Rated

  • Easy to Use
  • Design comparison block at one click

#4 Good and Bad Features Block

Show good and bad features of any item also can change the image size,title bar color,good and bad features icon and their colors and many more.

Main Title


Good Features

  • Enter good feaures
  • Enter good feaures
  • Enter good feaures

Bad Features

  • Enter bad feaures
  • Enter bad feaures
  • Enter bad feaures

#5 Single Product Block

Show the best product in your blog using a single product block, also can change image size, title bar color, subtitle, features icon, etc.



Best Review Site

  • Enter Features
  • Enter Features
  • Enter Features

#6 Top Pick Block

Describe the full specification of top picked item using this blocks.

Top Pick


Best Review Site

Hi, we are a team and provide the best and relevant information to our readers. Everything has tested and after a deep research article has been published. The main objective of our team members is to provide a valve to their readers so they can get the best product.

#7 List Block

List Column comes with one, two, three and four columns.Here I have shown you two column list block-

  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item
  • Enter New Item

#8 Notice Block

Notice Title

Buy Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin with a 25% discount and if you promote this theme anywhere you will get 30% commission.

#9 Notification Block

This is a notification block.

#10 Table of Contents Block

This table of contents block is collapsible and has 10 columns. This post table of content made by using a table of contents block with 1 column.

#11 Button Block

Using a button block you can put buttons at the right place and perform any button related action. Also can change the size, color, add icons and the text of the button

#12 Star Rating Block

Here you can manage star size, color, space between star and number of star.

#13 Title Block

Title block provide to put extra title in your article.

#14 Call To Action Block

Affiliate Booster

This is a call to action block. Write whatever you want here.